1BQX-1.5 is 16pcs Light Duty Disc Harrow Tractor Mounted Light Duty Disc Harrow

Light duty disc harrows consists of Disc Gang, harrow bracket, traction frame and deflection adjusting device.

Product Introduction:

The 1BQX-1.5 is 16pcs light duty disc harrow, it is mainly used for stubble removal before farming, surface hardening breaking, straw chopping and returning to the field, soil crushing after farming, soil leveling and moisture conservation, etc. it can also replace plow for soil ploughing on mature land. After raking, the ground surface is smooth and the soil is loose and broken. It has a strong adaptability to heavy sticky and weedy plots.
The disc harrow absorbs the advantages of the same kind of foreign advanced products. It is designed according to the standard. The whole machine adopts a combined structure, with a square welded pipe integral rigid rake frame as the main body, equipped with a hydraulic take-off and landing transport wheel, a spring leveling mechanism and a special outer spherical surface and inner square hole sealing rolling bearing for disc harrow. It is reasonable in structure, firm and durable, convenient in transportation, small in turning radius, easy to adjust, easy to operate and easy to operate It is easy to maintain and is an advanced disc harrow product in China.

Product Features:

  1. Disc Quantity: 16pcs.
  2. The scraper attached to each piece disc blades, it is mainly used to clean dirt and grass.
  3. Disc Blades material: carbon steel 65 Mn, size: 460*3mm, HRC: 38-45.
  4. Rigid steel frame, the main beam is 50-70 mm ,strong and durable.
  5. High Quality square shaft made of quenched and tempered No.45 steel;the size is 28*28 mm.
  6. Bearing is covered by sealed bearing seat to protect it from sand, dust etc.

Detailed Pictures:



Bearing support, bearing assembly, semi-spool spacer:

Bearing support bearing assembly semi spool spacer
Bearing support bearing assembly semi spool spacer

Linkage Type of frame:

Linkage Type of frame
Linkage Type of frame
Linkage Type of frame 2
Linkage Type of frame 2

Production Parameter:


Model 1BQX-1.5
Working width (mm) 1500
Working depth (mm) 100-140
No. Of disc (pcs) 16
Dia. Of disc (mm) 460
Weight (kg) 250
Linkage Three point mounted
Matched power 20-25


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