1LYT 525 series Tractor mounted agricultural disc plough machine

Moreover, the plough has the merits of less working resistance and easy to operate and adjust, etc.

product Introduction:

The farm equipments disc plough  is suitable for operation on the field with grasses, straw and stems of crops or plants, big soil resistance and with many stones and brickbat, etc. in the field. It is good at cutting the grasses and straw , free from being stopped by the grasses, soil or stones, etc.

Disc plows are divided into two categories: drive type and universal type according to whether they are driven by power or not.The general-purpose disc plow is similar to the general split plow, and it is usually divided according to the way of coupling with the tractor, structure and purpose. According to the attachment method, it can be divided into traction plow, suspended plow, semi-suspended plow and direct connected type (such as disc plow matched with walking tractor). The common disc plough product is the hanging disc plough.According to the structure and purpose, it can be divided into one-way plow and two-way plow, models are 1LY (T) series; 1LY series; 1LYX series; 1LY (SX) series.

The one-way disc plough is suitable for ploughing up the cultivated land as well as virgin land, especially on high yield’s manure land, wheat and rice stubble fields. Good pass ability and penetration, complete inversion and coverage. Moreover, the plough has the merits of less working resistance and easy to operate and adjust, etc.

With 6 mm rectangular tubes, and more than 20 years of experience in the production of agricultural tools, our disc plough main frame is rugged and durable.

The discs used on disc plough are produced by ourselves, the discs are hard, wear-resistant and not easily damaged by the use of Anshan and Lingyuan steel, the best steel in China

we can also provide all the disc plough  accessories, which are all produced by ourselves.

Product Features:

  1. Heavy frame
  2. 65Mn disc blades
  3. Heavy bearing assembly
  4. Adjustable depth

Production Parameter:


Model 1LY(T)-325 1LY(T)-425 1LY(T)-525
Working width (m) 0.75 1 1.25
Working depth (mm) 250-300
No. Of disc (pcs) 3 4 5
Diameter of disc (mm) 660mm x 5mm
Weight 420 480 580
Linkage Standard three-point mounted
Matched power (hp) 50-55 65-80 120


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