Vegetable seeder hand push planter

A vegetable seeder hand push planter is a manually operated tool used for planting seeds in a garden or farm. It typically consists of a hopper or container for holding seeds, a seed metering mechanism, and a series of discs or tubes that create holes in the soil and deposit the seeds.

This vegetable seeder has a high-precision seed metering device, and the accuracy can achieve one seed per hole and multiple seeds (according to different needs), and the plant spacing/depth can be adjusted as needed. Features;Easy. Ditching, sowing, covering soil, once completed, can sow: carrots, turnips, beets, onions, taro, spinach, green bamboo shoots, cabbage, asparagus, sunflower, lettuce, celery, cabbage, cabbage , onion, red saffron, rape, pepper, broccoli, rape and other small particles of vegetables and seeds.

It is suitable for all dry field crops between ridges. It is the product of the vast number of farmers’ friends to realize agricultural mechanization. The working principle of the millet precision seeder is as follows: through the precise control of the number of seeds planted by the seed metering control system of the machine, and the distance is determined according to the amount during sowing, the seeds are relatively regular and single grains are discharged in the soil layer with a better emergence environment. The seedling plant spacing is natural and reasonable, and the laborious link of artificial squatting and thinning is reduced. The sowing efficiency is more than 15 times that of artificial sowing. Each acre saves 4-5 days of thinning and labor. Large-scale planting saves 400-500 yuan per mu of artificial thinning costs. And because of the sturdy seedlings of a single plant, the yield per mu can be increased by 10-20%. It integrates “labor saving, seed saving, time saving, labor saving, moisture saving, moisture conservation, fertilizer saving, water saving, seedling uniform, seedling uniform, seedling whole, seedling strong, high quality and yield increase”. When the machine moves forward, it sows, and when it goes backward, it does not sow, so as to reduce the waste of seeds.


Usage of vegetable seeder:

Carrots,turnips,beets,onions,taro,spinach,lettuce,cabbage,asparagus,lettuce,cabbage,Chinese cabbage,onions,potherb mustard,rapeseed,pepper,broccoli,rape and other kind of small particles of vegetables,grass and herbs seeds



  1. This vegetable seeder has a high precision seed metering device, the accuracy can reach one hole one seed or one hole multi seeds according to customer’s request.
  2. Planting distance and seeding depth can be adjustable
  3. Different seed rollers for different vegetable seeds.
  4. Light weight, small packing size, easy to assemble an operate.

Detailed Pictures:

detailed picture
detailed picture
seeding machinery
seeding machinery

Product Parameter:

Model V-1 V-2 V-3
Overall dimension (cm) 96x25x90 96x35x90 96x45x90
Weight (kg) 15 18 35
Planting distance 2-51cm 8-12cm 8-38cm
Rows distance 8-12cm 8-38cm


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