Agricultural implements tractor mounted furrow plough

semi-mounted plow range is suitable for medium-power tractors with a larger number of bodies than a mounted plow.

The 1L series plough is a fully suspended plough, which is suitable for dry land farming in sandy loam areas. It has the characteristics of a simple structure, large adaptability range for farming, good work quality, flat surface, good performance of broken soil cover, small moisture ditch and so on. Mainly can be divided into a fixed-type plough, and flip-type plough (1LF), according to the main parameters, which can be divided into 20 series, 25 series, 30 series, and 35 series.

The furrow plough is suitable for soil-specific resistance: 0.6-0.9kg/cm2. It produces the best work, leaving level surface etc. The share plough is suitable for loam, or sandy loam soils in the cultivated area. It is compact in construction, and versatile in application. After ploughing, the land surface is smooth and the furrow is narrow with good pulverization and mulching.

The furrow plough is with simple structure, and is easy to be adjusted, but has good efficiency. This plough has a wide scope of the specification, the width of the plough share could be 20cm, 25cm, 30cm and 35cm. The material of the plough share is 65Mn spring steel, which is hard enough. The working depth can be adjusted by the depth-limiting wheel.

We can supply all spare parts of the plough, especially the share, which we produce by ourselves,  customers can replace the share when having some damage.



  1. Three-point linkage with a 4-WD tractor.
  2. Generally, the share quantity can be 2,3,4 and 5, which can satisfy different demands.
  3. The share of the plough is 65Mn spring steel, the material is from Lingyuan and Anshan steel companies, which are the best steel companies in China. And it is hard enough against hard solids and stones.


Model 1L-220 1L-320 1L-420 1L-520
Working width (mm) 400 600 800 1000
Working depth (mm) 180-250
No. Of share 2 3 4 5
Weight (kg) 60 100 155 180
Linkage   Three point mounted


2 Agricultural implements tractor mounted furrow plough
2 Agricultural implements tractor mounted furrow plough
Agricultural implements tractor mounted furrow plough
Agricultural implements tractor mounted furrow plough
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