Farming Walking Tractor Mower

A farming walking tractor mower is a type of agricultural equipment that is used for mowing grass, weeds, and other vegetation in fields and other outdoor areas.

  1. The front double disc mower mainly has articulated, lifting, transmission, cutting and other mechanisms, with simple design and compact structure.
  2. The lifting of the machine is controlled by the handle of the walking tractor, and the pull rod is lifted through the arm, steel wire rope, pulley and other mechanisms to complete the horizontal lifting of the equipment.
  3. Powered by the tractor flywheel, the mechanical pulley is arranged in the middle of the two gearboxes, and the two pulleys are in the same plane, making the structure more compact.
  4. The front end of the machine is equipped with a protective device. The cutter head is made into a disc shape. When the blade rotates, it forms a certain angle with the ground and will not fall off or fly out.
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