Agricultural Tractor mounted Baldan disc plough

1LTS series of Disc Plough can handle the toughest plough jobs.

For extremely hard ground and soil with large roots and other

obstructions, one can obtain outstanding penetration performance.

This series of disc plough is completely mounted with tractor, during operation, the discs by it’s rotating to turn the soil. Particularly, disc plough is suitable for Tractor disc plow for sale made in China peration on the field with grasses, straw and stems of crops or plants, big soil resistance and with many stones and brickbat, etc. in the field.

We choose supper materials 65Mn steel as the blade material.After heat treated, the hardness of the disc will be 38-44, Wearable enough and hard enough. The 65Mn material are from Anshan or Lingyuan Steel factory, which are the best steel in China. This kind of round tube frame 3 blades disc plough can have a deep depth. the working depth can be 25-30cm.

1LTS series of Disc Plough can handle the toughest plough jobs. For extremely hard ground and soil with large roots and other obstructions, one can obtain outstanding penetration performance. For soft sticky ground and sandy soil, depth can be adjusted accordingly.   Perfect alignment of the sub-beams carrying the Disc bottoms is maintained by virtue of the frame construction.

An adjustable and spring loaded furrow wheel takes care of the side draft and the implement moves smoothly. Disc tilt angle can be varied in three stages to perform on various types of soils.


1.Hexagonal Tubular plough frame.

2.It is directly mounted to the tractors, three mounted linkage.

3.The extra heavy duty seamless tubing frame has high trash clearance

allowing the plough to operate under heavy crop residue

  1. The discs and wheel hubs guide are assembled with tapered bearing.
  2. All the accessories are available produced by ourselves.

Detailed Pictures:

Rear Wheel assembly:

rear wheel assembly 2

rear wheel assembly

Plough hub:

plough hub 2 2

plough hub 1
plough hub 1




Model 1LT-2 1LT-3 1LT-4 1LT-5
Working width (m) 0.6 0.9 1.2 1.5
Working depth (mm) 150-300
No. Of disc (pcs) 2 3 4 5
Weight 350 400 470 560
Linkage Standard three-point mounted
Matched power (hp) 40 60 80 120
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