Tractor mounted corn seeder soybean planter

The planter is labor-saving in that it can be driven by a tractor, so one person is enough to operate it.

Product Introduction:


The soybean and corn seeder is suitable for 12-80hp four-wheel tractor, meet different needs of different customers.  The seeder’s sowing lines can be 2-8 lines to meet different needs of different customers.

This seeder is suitable for sowing corn or soybean in the non-tillage field, which can sow the fertilizer as base manure together with seed at one operation. This spurs the seedling fast and sturdy growing. On the front beam of the machine’s frame, there equipped with a passive entangling-proof fitting (can also used for furrowing). This fitting can cut down the working resistance and improve working efficiency.

The seeder gears are connected by a chain; the bottom is the wheels rolling on the ground. It features uniform sowing and high work efficiency. The seed spacing is stable.


  1. The seeder can sow soybean or corn seeds and fertilize at one operation.
  2. with a passive entangling-proof fitting, which can also be used for furrowing.
  3. The row spacing can be adjustable for different field requirements.
  4. Fertilizer box adopts high wear-resisting material, anti-aging, high hardness, long service life.
  5. Frame adopts thickening square tube, widen design, strong stability, prevent congestion, winding.
  6. Breaking down the design of the previous planter can not be retrogressed, this machine can be retrogressed will not sow, customers to use more con


Model 2BYF-2 2BYF-3 2BYF-4 2BYF-5 2BYF-6
Overall Dimension (mm) 1300x1620x1000 1700x1620x1100 2800x1620x1100 3000x1620x1100 3750x1620x1100
Row Spacing (mm) 500-700 adjustable
Matched power (hp) 12 24-50 24-50 24-80 24-80
Fertilizer  depth (mm) 30-70 adjustable
Fertilizer coulter boot Furrow coulter boot
Seed coulter boot Moldboard coulter boot
Seeding depth (mm) 30-50 adjustable
Furrow cover Disc furrow cover
Linkage Mounted three-point linkage
Type of drive Land wheel-transmission
Working speed (km/h) 5-7
Kinds of seed sowing Maize,soybean
Weight (kg) 110 160 200 250 300
6 rows soybean corn seeder 1
6 rows soybean corn seeder 1
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