Wirax Mower Rotary Mower

Disc mower widely used in large pastures, usually cut grass, hay, alfalfa, corn stalk, etc

This hay mower is suitable for the natural artificial planted pasture with high harvest density. The cutter of it adopts the upper transmission and it enjoys the features of simple and compact structure, low cutting height, good shape and easy changeable blade.

The mowing height is easily adjustable and blades are quickly changeable in this machine.

Options – Names 1350          1650
Working width (m) 1,35 1,65
Number of cutting rotors, pcs. 2pcs 2pcs
Number of blades 6pcs 6pcs
Productivity (ha/ h) 0,65 1
Operating speed ( km / h) 10-15
Frequency of rotation of rotors (r/min) 2480 2070
PTO shaft rotation speed (rpm) 540
Weight (kg) 280 300
Matched Power (hp) 20-35 40-50
Cutting height of grass (cm)  3.2- 5.8
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